Some Things to Know About the Future of Green Energy

Green Energy comes from natural resources like wind, sun, ocean, Geo-thermal, bio-waste, etc. Often the resources we use for producing energy are not reusable. Unlike those, all Green energy resources are renewable, thereby creating a significant impact on our environment.

Many countries over the world have committed to reducing the global footprint over pollution. Over time, due to the advancement of technology producing green energy, we will see a revolution in the production of green energy.


The sector of renewable energy was considered highly risky and unsafe. But over time, this proved to a highly beneficial sector with huge benefits. The main advantage cost. No production cost – the main cost is borne by any manufacturer is production cost. It just needs one-time installation and maintenance cost.

As compared to the olden days, the cost of producing solar energy has reduced by 80% and the cost of producing wind energy by 50%. This has triggered a widespread usage of renewable resources.

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Today countries like Dubai are able to produce unsubsidized solar energy at 6 cents per kilowatt hour. Yes!! It is cheaper than coal or gas plants.

Since the awareness of producing green energy, there has been some phenomenal advancement in this sector.

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Innovations in use of green energy

Harnessing The Earth’s Heat – Earth’s crust is molten lava which results in producing steam. This has triggered in examining places with such capacity of natural steam procurement.

Fusion Power – This has been at the heart of many researchers since last 10 years. The combination of atomic and nuclei energy. In fact, the researchers at CERN laboratory have done some breakthrough advancements in producing pure energy.

Use of Concentrated Solar Energy – This is done by arranging mirrors in a concentric manner to melt salt. This produces a lot of steam by releasing very little heat.

Generating more Power from Wind Turbines – Increased efficiency and advanced turbines have allowed increasing the capacity of power produced.

Energy from Beer – This is a way of producing energy from waste produced by brewing beer. The waste is used to generate methane which in turn generates electricity.

Artificial tornado – Scientists in Canada have developed a way to create a permanent artificial tornado which will trigger turbines to generate electricity.

Commitment by world leaders

China has some serious commitments towards generating renewable energy by 2020. It recently increased its capacity from of solar energy from 9MW to 18MW and has promised to increase it by 50 MW by 2020.

Dubai triggered a curiosity when it could offer electricity at 6 cents per kilowatt hour. By this, they plan to triple their target of green energy by 2020.

America has committed to run its 17 cities entirely on renewable power by 2030. Such commitments are remarkable and will change the future of in a great way. Countries are competing towards meeting their goals or updating their goals of green energy.

This shows the change that is going to come up in the future and amount of green energy that will come into use.

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