Actively trying to Reduce Will Save You Money

Reduce is a very important part of The 3R’s (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle) More consumption means more waste production. This is also directly related to the entire manufacturing and delivery mechanism that we see worldwide. Once the consumer reduces the consumption of a particular product, say consumers start preferring cartons for milk over plastic cans. This will change the status quo. The reduction in consumption will trigger a slew of changes. The manufacturer will start looking for alternatives and reduce the number of resources procured. Eventually, one can reduce the harm done by a simple action.

It boils down to the smart decisions we take on buying products and how we do most of our purchases.

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Why should it be done?  

The overall cost of a product isn’t just the amount of resources used for it, it also includes several other resources like Electricity, Fuel and Transportation. Suppose we Reduce consumption, we can understand the consequences of Demand Supply theory. Reducing the consumption reduces demand, which in turn affects various other resources used. It saves energy bore to produce it and fuel required to transport it.

It also affects the harm done to climate change and a number of greenhouse gases produced. In a way, we also reduce the adverse effects on biodiversity due to our actions.

Reducing or avoiding delays the items re-entry into the waste disposal system.

How can it be done?

We can select suppliers who reduce waste production or recollect the waste produced. Many companies are switching to Reuse and reduce the manufacturing cost borne by them. So they recollect the waste and use them again for proper recycling.

Prefer Reusable over recyclable ones. This will ensure that we reduce the usage of our products.

Consumers can switch to emails to reduce paper. Once can switch to e-statements or digital messages for banks and electric bills.

Reduce or stop producing food waste. This can be done by wisely choosing the amount of food we need.

Products that break can be repaired to increase their life.


Monetary Benefits

Companies spend a significant amount of their revenue on waste disposal. If produced, they have the responsibility of transporting it to the landfill sites. If the company finds a way to reduce the waste and use them again, it will save a great deal of money. So, we will see lot companies promoting Reduce.

For a consumer, Reduce directly triggers the need to Reuse the existing products. If we reduce the consumption, we will look for an alternative or longer use of the existing resources. This increases the Reuse of existing products and results in saving a lot of money.

Switching to paper bags from plastic bags can help save a lot of money. Certain paper bags can be used for almost a year. Usage of organic waste for plants as a fertilizer and finding smart ways to use rather than dispose of old clothes.  Thus, these practices will help you save a great deal of money used in our day to day lives.

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