Everything You Need To Know About Mr. Trash Wheel in Baltimore

Baltimore Harbor is increasingly becoming cleaner daily thanks to Mr. Trash Wheel. As the menace of waste became uncontrollable, John Kellett the developer of the trash wheel thought of how he could control the trash floating in the harbor. And you may ask what has it achieved? Well. It has been noticed that, since May 2014 when a perfect version of this device was installed, it has pulled pounds of plastic trash that average a million. You agree that’s incredible?


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What is Mr. Trash Wheel?

This is a question you may be asking yourself but relax. Mr. Trash Wheel is the first trash interceptor in the world that is solar and hydro-powered which cleans Baltimore Harbor by removing trash in it. I was show Mr. Trash Wheel when I was talking to a buddy about building a net to catch trash in the ocean, and he said that was already built in Baltimore by Mr. Kellet. Thanks for showing me Mr. Trash Wheel, all the best to your business http://www.concreterocklin.com. Mr. Kellett was environmentally conscious and felt very disturbed every time debris was around the harbor especially after storms. And he came up with this device. What are you doing about the trash in your area?

How Does it Operate?

You should know that Mr. Trash has a water wheel engine that is made of steel and 14 foot long. It is usually powered by the water currents in the river. The wheel powers the conveyor system that pulls trash and debris from the water. It has a kind of dumpster barge where it puts trash. Its wheel is powered by the pumps that are usually powered by the solar panels, which are around 30.

It is good you know that during the storms Mr. Trash uses both the solar power and river current to keep the wheel rotating. During this season there is a lot of trash in the river. When the dumpster is filled a boat transports it to the shore while an empty one is fixed. Kellett worked in collaboration with a non-profit organization called Waterfront Partnership which sourced a sum of $720,000 to see to it that Mr. Trash Wheel is operational. You should see it as it operates.

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Major Trash Collected from the Baltimore Harbor

The main aim of Waterfront Partnership and Kellett Company is to make this Harbor a place where you can swim or do your fishing come the year 2020. This is what they are calling Healthy Harbor Initiative. That’s why they are planting baby oysters in large numbers.

Besides knowing their plans, you should have in mind the effectiveness of this device with an aim of having a clean environment.

By March 2016, Mr. Trash Wheel had managed to collect the following trash levels:

  • 247,520 plastic bottles
  • 316,789 polythene bags
  • 3 million bats of cigarette

Most of the trash is collected in case there is heavy rainfall, in fact, you may not believe that it collected 12 dumpsters in one day in June 2015.

How is the Trash Used?

After the waste is collected it is transported to a plant that burns them to release power to homes. You may be probably be shocked to know that, Baltimore is world’s sole city that produces power from the trash. For a day a ton of the litter can power 16 homes.

That’s generally what you should know about Mr. Trash Wheel but the question remains, what are you doing to reduce pollution in your environment?

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