The Three R’s Essential for Inheriting Sustainable World

According to World Health Organization (WHO), a polluted environment is a killer of 1.7 million kids every year. WHO says air pollution is mainly the cause of those huge number of deaths. Do you know that your friend or neighbor who smokes is a contributor to the deaths of children under five years including premature births? As if that is not enough, your friend causes many mature people to have stroke, cancer, asthma and heart diseases. Very sad, don’t you think so?

You can reduce the number of deaths of children by advising your friend to avoid smoking in public. This will help reduce air pollution before trying to reduce other forms of pollution so that we may be on the journey of inheriting a sustainable world. Take initiative today and say NO to pollution by understanding the 3 R’s.

What’s The Need of the Three R’S?

According to a recent report by World Economic Forum (WEF), many countries that are leaders in economic growth and development are struggling to attain sustain environmental standards. Most of them are improving their economy but are compromising taking care of the environment. India was ranked among the worst countries in pollution.

In America, you may be surprised to know that, 50 billion cans, 27 billion glasses, and 65 million plastic materials are thrown away every year.

You may ask yourself where all this goes. Well. 85% of it goes to the dumpsites where you will find it more than 400 years to decompose. Some like glasses will take more than 4000 years in the dump yet never decompose.

This should tell you there is need of adopting the 3 R’s as soon as possible to reduce these high levels of pollution. Have you realized that?

The Three R’s

The rule that operates in the 3 R’s states that you avoid buying anything you don’t need or the one that comes in plastic bags or anything that cannot decompose.

The 3 R’s are:

  • Recycle
  • Reuse
  • Reduce

Understanding the 3 R’s

  • Reduce

This basically means reducing the amounts of waste that you are producing daily in your house. Actually, this is the best way of having a sustainable world. You can reduce wastes by either reusing or recycling them.

  • Recycle

This means creating new things from the used old materials. Many things you or your friends use daily can be recycled. For example soda metal cans and glass bottles, plastic bags, milk covering cartons and water bottles.

You should look for the 3 R’s symbol usually indicated on the packing before buying any materials. This will ensure you don’t buy things that cannot be recycled.

reuse recycle reduce

In some towns and states, there are strategic places you can take your recyclables, you can just ensure you take them in those points.

  • Reuse

You can always find something to do with those materials instead of throwing them away. For example:

  • Use plastic containers to carry food to school
  • Donate clothes and furniture that you don’t need them any longer
  • Write both sides of your paper
  • Make book covers with those plastic papers


You are a champion of steering environmental conservation, now you are informed. Make a change.

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